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Email is one of the most trusted ways to drive revenue in ecommerce.

But I still see too many people leaving money on the table and missing out on low-hanging fruit.

Today I’ll walk you through how to do a two-day email overhaul that will help you increase your revenue.

We’ll start by making sure your email service provider and integrations are set up correctly, create a branded email template, ensure you have a great offer that’s capturing tons of leads, and identify the email flows to build that have the biggest financial impact for your business.

This is the exact email overhaul process I’ve used with my clients to help them bring in $10K from email in just one week after set-up.

Can’t wait to hear your results!

Episode Highlights

  • 5:06 How to ensure your email service provider is set up correctly.
  • 6:20 The importance of tracking viewed products.
  • 7:30 Other common mistakes Austin sees with ESP setup and integrations.
  • 10:20 Creating an email template for your brand (without a designer).
  • 13:45 Lead capture: the questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re set up for success.
  • 14:55 How to come up with a good offer.
  • 16:38 Deciding which tool is right for your lead capture.
  • 18:55 The email flows that have the biggest financial impact for your business.
  • 21:25 Simple tests to run that will improve your email performance and a tip for using profile properties to evaluate the success of your email sequences over time.
  • 25:25 Tips for improving your subject line copywriting.
  • 26:55 Using plain text emails to drive clicks.
  • 28:00 Adding animated GIFs to emails with Soapbox.
  • 28:50 Merging your content with commerce.

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