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When I ask business owners what’s holding them back from making their next big hire, you know what they tell me?

Hiring sucks.

I’ve heard this time and time again.

Over the last month, I've gone through the process of hiring a marketing apprentice. I used an approach that’s helped me successfully hire many people over the years -- without stress.

Today, I’m going to share my entire approach with you, so you can make your next great hire, painlessly.

We’ll discuss how to create a job post that will attract great talent, how to conduct the pre-interview evaluation process, how to conduct a really great interview, and more.

Episode Highlights

  • 6:59 The first step in the hiring process: figuring out what you’re looking for.
  • 8:05 Don't make this mistake when creating your job listing.
  • 9:01 How to write a job post that will attract great talent.
  • 12:44 Writing your post to attract the right people, repel the wrong ones, and make it easy to disqualify applicants.
  • 15:03 Outlining the skills and responsibilities you’re looking for in your job post that connect with your company ethos.
  • 16:20 Some places to consider posting your job.
  • 18:50 How to filter through your first round of candidates.
  • 20:09 Round two of the application process: the test task.
  • 23:27 How requiring a test task helps you make the right hire and why it’s not too much to ask, especially for remote positions.
  • 25:58 The weeding out process after completion of the test task.
  • 27:14 Round 3: getting to know your top candidates before the interview.
  • 28:19 A lesson we learned at the interview stage and the change we’ll make in the future.
  • 30:07 How to approach the face-to-face interview and some questions to ask.
  • 34:17 Why we always request a Kolbe score before making a hire.
  • 36:09 Extending an offer, onboarding, and beyond.
  • 38:48 During this entire process, stay true to your company’s values.

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