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Hey advertisers, Facebook doesn’t care about you.

It cares about its users.

That’s why it recently launched a new tool called the Customer Feedback Score.

Facebook is using this tool to crackdown on drop shippers and other advertisers whose products don’t deliver.

Today we’re going to talk about where to find this tool, how to interpret the data it provides, and what you can do to improve your score.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:40 How Facebook is cracking down on drop shippers and shoddy products with its new tool.
  • 8:25 Where to find you Customer Feedback Score in your account.
  • 9:36 What you’ll see when you access your Customer Feedback Score and how to understand your score.
  • 11:40 Reviewing positive feedback: what your customers want more of.
  • 13:46 Identifying opportunities for improvement.
  • 17:30 Don’t let your score drop too low or your ads, and your page, will be banned from Facebook.
  • 18:55 As the big 3 ad platforms work to create better experiences for consumers, you’ve got to plan ahead and shift your approach accordingly.

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