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What if you could double your business with Facebook over the next year?

That’s exactly what happened for Oral Essentials when they doubled-down on their FB advertising and focused on scaling up.

Oral Essentials CMO, Justin Maddahi, joins us today to discuss some of the game-changing tactics that have helped him grow the business with Facebook. He talks about why he’s shifted to nearly all user-generated content, how he approaches creative testing, and why he’s managing all aspects of Facebook in-house.

If you’re trying to scale up your advertising, you won’t want to miss this episode.


Episode Highlights

  • 6:15 The birth of Oral Essentials and what separates them from other oral care brands.
  • 8:11 Justin’s journey from science major to CMO.
  • 9:48 Why Justin decided to expand the business beyond Amazon and start owning his own channels.
  • 11:56 The Facebook tactics that helped Oral Essentials see massive growth, including what Justin says you must start doing right now.
  • 13:00 Why shifting to user-generated content is key to Facebook success.
  • 16:01 How Oral Essentials got into influencer marketing and the main metrics to look at when deciding which influencers are best for your brand.
  • 20:44 Justin’s approach to A/B testing Facebook ads and how much he recommends tweaking an ad before giving up on it.
  • 23:45 Why it’s worthwhile to sacrifice a lookalike audience for the sake of testing.
  • 25:12 The reason Justin hasn’t tried Facebook’s new Dynamic Creative Testing feature yet.
  • 27:24 Don’t get hung up on targeting -- creative is what changes the game.
  • 29:29 From ad agency to in-house: why Justin first outsourced his ads, and then decided to bring then back in.
  • 31:37 Pro tip: engage with your audience when they comment on your ads.
  • 32:47 Oral Essential’s growth strategy: why they’re expanding into retail stores and the impact their increased Facebook budget has had on retail sales.
  • 35:00 The two most important things Justin’s learned while doubling the business over the last 12 months.
  • 38:41 If you truly want to see success with your Facebook ads, get help from an expert.

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