The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Andrew and I have worked with hundreds of different companies at various stages of growth, from pre-launch to multi-million dollar acquisition.

Today we’re kicking off our scaling series, where we’ll talk about each stage of growth and the challenges you're going to face as you scale up your business from zero to 8-figures.

We’re starting off with a “zero to launch” episode where we’ll address some of the questions you’ll face when you’re determining how to launch and going from an idea for a product to actually getting sales.

We’ll be sharing core lessons through each of these episodes that will give you value whether you're at the beginning, already making 7-figures, or somewhere in the middle.


Episode Highlights

  • 4:30 Why we decided to do a scaling series.
  • 9:07 The most important thing when you’re just starting out? Feedback.
  • 10:24 Knowing what your community looks like is critical for scaling.
  • 13:40 Once you know your community, identify their buying power and your market potential.
  • 15:38 A zero to launch case study.
  • 18:16 Common missteps at this stage.
  • 19:40 Creating a “talk trigger” product.

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