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If you’re one of the few people who hasn’t been impacted by the recent turmoil around Facebook ads, consider yourself lucky. For everyone else, this episode is for you. 

If you're an ecommerce business owner or agency who primarily drives traffic through Facebook advertising, you’re aware of the recent challenges. Between price increases, instability on the platform, and movies like The Social Dilemma that are going to bring even more transparency and scrutiny on advertising through Facebook, it’s a difficult time to grow your business using paid social. 

Andrew Foxwell and I recorded two episodes back in February of 2019 where Andrew talks about 20 questions he likes to ask clients that are feeling stuck with their Facebook ads. It's still unbelievably relevant today. If you’re having challenges or are seeing a performance drop, these are the questions and strategies that you can revisit to bring new life to your ads.


Episode Highlights

  • 7:29 Integrating user-generated content into your creative
  • 8:43 Leveraging reviews and social proof in ad copy
  • 10:16 Using square video link posts
  • 11:56 Performance differences between lifestyle photos vs product images
  • 13:50 The problem with unanswered comments on your paid social ad
  • 17:50 How to give first-time customers a reason to try your product
  • 19:19 Bringing new life to an old ad set
  • 20:36 Utilizing dynamic pixel actions to introduce new prospecting audiences
  • 22:29 Testing broad match dynamic product ads layered with interests
  • 23:26 Splitting dynamic product ad time windows to give your customers the best treatment
  • 24:24 Analyzing your audience overlap to help scale your ads
  • 27:16 Using value bidding to increase your average order value
  • 30:23 Bid overrides, the bully method and getting exposure in a competitive space
  • 34:58 The importance of advertising to previous customers
  • 37:32 Trying product bundling to bring up your AOV
  • 42:02 Remarketing to engaged users
  • 43:24 Reading your age report breakdown and how to find it
  • 46:22 What your Add to Cart to Purchase ratio can tell you
  • 48:08 How to try campaign budget optimization
  • 49:45 The importance of getting a naming convention installed

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