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Today's guest turned her passion project into a global movement.

Chrissie Lam is the founder of Love Is Project, a thriving lifestyle brand that supports thousands of female artisans in developing countries around the world. I’ve known Chrissie for years and have had the pleasure of getting an up-front look into how her business has taken off. Between landing a spot on Shark Tank, multiple press hits, and being featured by Facebook during Women’s History Month, Chrissie has so much insight to share on developing a lifestyle brand with a purpose.

In the episode, we talk about what it’s like to launch a business while traveling the world, getting onto Shark Tank and how to leverage the press to grow your business. Chrissie also shares the ups and downs of working with freelancers and agencies, and how she’s been using our Intentional Wealth program to keep her business and life in balance.

Episode Highlights

  • 2:57 Chrissie’s passion for travel
  • 5:11 Launching Love Is Project in Bali
  • 9:43 The process of getting onto Shark Tank
  • 12:55 Chrissie’s mindset heading into Shark Tank and how it panned out
  • 14:57 How the power of the press for Love Is Project
  • 17:07 The trial and error of hiring freelancers and agencies
  • 20:10 How Chrissie is able to work anywhere in the world
  •  21:33 What Chrissie wishes she knew before launching Love Is Project
  • 21:53 How Chrissie is leveraging the Intentional Wealth program 
  • 24:20 Chrissie’s advice for people building a lifestyle brand
  • 26:20 What Chrissie is most excited about going forward
  • 27:35 Helpful resources for entrepreneurs

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