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As he sat down at his desk on the first day at his first post-college job he thought, “The cubicle life just isn’t for me.”

If you’re an entrepreneur, I would venture to bet you’ve had a similar thought at some point along the way.

Today we’re joined by Matt Schroeder, the co-founder of Shelly Cove, who started the business in college with his family, and has been off to the races ever since.

Matt tells the story of how he taught himself marketing and his journey to eventually leaving his secure job to go all-in on Shelly Cove. He shares the unique ways the brand surprises and delights its customers to keep them coming back for more, and why, as the business has grown, he’s more open to just saying “Yes.”


Episode Highlights

  • 6:21 How Matt got started in ecommerce and the birth of Shelly Cove.
  • 10:39 The roles in Matt’s family-run business.
  • 13:57 Lessons learned from going to school full-time while also growing a business.
  • 16:55 How Matt became an expert in marketing and business.
  • 18:27 The strategy behind Shelly Cove’s product development and release.
  • 20:34 When Matt realized he wanted to put all his energy into the business.
  • 23:31 How Shelly Cove built a strong brand from day one and the delivery tactic they use to set themselves apart.
  • 25:54 Connecting customers with the company’s charity to build deeper brand loyalty.
  • 28:18 Some things Matt tried that ultimately flopped.
  • 31:36 The turning point from t-shirt company to lifestyle brand.
  • 33:26 Surprising sources Matt uses for his shipping supplies.
  • 34:44 Advice from Matt: don’t run sales too often.
  • 35:20 Looking to make a little extra cash with your business? Check out these sites.
  • 37:38 What’s on Matt’s mind right now as Shelly Cove continues to grow.
  • 39:26 The roles Matt hired for that allowed him to free up his time significantly.
  • 43:53 Matt’s advice for aspiring business owners.

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