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Are you an ecommerce business owner who’s managing your own Facebook ads? Do you want a breakdown of the best tactics to implement right now that’ll help you create and run ads that convert? Then this episode is for you.

Dive deep into Facebook Ads with Justin Marshall, from Ad Hoc Media. He talks about specific targeting strategies, optimization tactics for each part of the sales funnel, how to scale and ramp up your ads, and where he’s seeing surprising success (hint: it’s not with the typical CTA button ads).

Episode Highlights:  

  • 4:35 How Facebook advertising has changed and the ad type that’s out-performing traditional ads.
  • 6:25 The resources that Justin uses to keep up with ongoing Facebook ad changes.
  • 8:13 Automated Rules: What they are and how you can better use them in your Facebook campaigns.
  • 10:45 Why thinking like the algorithm can improve your ads performance.
  • 11:25 How having a higher average order value can improve ad testing and overall success.
  • 14:31 What Justin looks for in a brand before helping them successfully scale with Facebook ads.
  • 18:36 How to properly structure audience overlap, and why you shouldn’t be so concerned about your ads competing with each other.
  • 25:33 The counterintuitive objective structure that is actually working.
  • 29:16 How boosting organic posts has actually helped deliver a 10x return for some clients.
  • 31:39 Have your ads started to flop? Justin’s method for overcoming this and getting ads to correctly scale.
  • 36:38 The difference between Broad Match and general broad audiences and how they are both helping find new customers for brands.
  • 39:34 The most common mistakes you’re likely making with managing your ads.  

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Justin Marshall

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Are you currently advertising on Facebook, and unsure what next steps to take to start scaling your business? Do you ever wonder whether other entrepreneurs actually see success after listening to our podcast and attending our Intensives? We know talk is cheap, which is why we invited one of our listeners to join us today to share what he’s learned, and implemented, after working with us.

Mark Arruda, owner and CEO of Constantly Varied Gear, is a long-time podcast listener and previous attendee of both the Email and Facebook Intensives. He joins Andrew and Gracie Foxwell to chat about Facebook advertising, including how he’s using Facebook messenger ads to get people into his sales funnel and make conversions, the creative way he’s developing lookalike audiences to expand reach and scale, and his favorite tip from the Facebook Intensive that’s driving major engagement and social proof.

Episode Highlights:

  • 3:40 Here’s how to use what Mark calls an interest based lookalike
  • 7:00 This one tip from the intensive is like social proofing on steroids, plus Austin’s power-up move at 9:50
  • 10:45 Why you should be testing the bid optimization to capture the most relevant results
  • 11:30 How segmenting your lookalike audiences may be beneficial to your brand’s success
  • 13:15 If you’re running dynamic product ads, this is why you should also be doing a broad match DPA
  • 16:40 Taking an inside look at what CVG’s chat flow for messenger ads looks like
  • 21:24 How testing with messenger bots doesn’t need to be scary or too expensive
  • 24:25 These are the creative ad types that are working for CVG that you can be testing too

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