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We're diving into email marketing this month, a topic that we all know we should focus on but rarely do.

You might have seen this but we recently sent out a survey and this was by far what you all wanted to learn more about so we're going to do a short series talking all about this over the next weeks (make sure to join the email list to stay up to date).

We'll talk about the 3 buckets of email marketing (prospects, subscribers, and customers) and how you should approach each segment.

Can't figure out how to turn a prospect into a subscriber? We'll dive into it around the 8 minute mark. Learn the framework you can use to create an irresistible offer and then how to get that in front of people. One of the best ways is a pop up.

We'll dive into the 4 different types of pop ups so you can figure out what is right for you.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The 3 buckets to focus on in email marketing.
  • Ideas to better engage prospects.
  • How to find your irresistible offer
  • If you should use a pop up or not.
  • 4 Different type of pop ups you can use.

Links / Resources

  • is a really good value
  • Optin Monster - By Syed Balkhi
  • Bounce Exchange

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