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Who says girls can’t wear dinosaur dresses?

Rebecca Melsky was frustrated when the only patterns she could find for her daughter were pink and flowery. Where were the rocket ships and trucks for girls?

In 2013 she teamed up with her friend Eva to start Princess Awesome, a stereotype-busting business that creates clothes of all colors, and with all kinds of patterns, for both girls and boys.

Today we sit down with Rebecca to talk about their massive crowdfunding success, how they’ve managed the growth of their business while prioritizing their families, and the key Klaviyo strategies helping them drive major revenue from email.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:51 The story of how Princess Awesome was born.
  • 7:39 Princess Awesome’s explosive experience with crowdfunding.
  • 12:25 The major impact Kickstarter had for Rebecca’s business, from more than just a financial perspective.
  • 13:58 Taking the next step in business growth after Kickstarter success.
  • 17:40 Product innovation and the creation of Princess Awesome’s women’s line and brother company.
  • 20:39 The benefits of using Klaviyo for email marketing.
  • 22:34 How to plan your email campaigns, and how segmentation can help drive more sales.
  • 29:20 Things Rebecca’s done over the last year that have had a big impact on her business.
  • 32:05 Why Princess Awesome outsources their fulfillment.
  • 35:41 The company makeup of Princess Awesome and the critical support roles they’ve outsourced.
  • 37:33 Growing a business that serves your lifestyle and how this has been a core part of Rebecca’s business from day one.

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