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Dane Golden is Vice President of Marketing and Client Services at Octoly, a YouTube brand management company where his mission is to enhance your web video ecosystem, YouTube channel, network videos.

For the last six years he has marketed, distributed, promoted, and produced online videos on platforms across the social video spectrum, creating millions of dollars in advertising and branding revenue.

Dane says that competition for your audience's time is simply too great, and says that you need to focus just as much time on audience development as you would spend on creating content. It's not enough to just have cool videos - you need great marketing, distribution and audience engagement.

Each week Dane co-hosts the top YouTube marketing advice podcast, "ReelSEO Tube Talk".

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The 3 pillars of a successful YouTube footprint that increases revenue.
  • Why 50-90% of video views of your brand are on videos NOT created by what's being said about you?
  • How to ethically steal customers from you competitors through YouTube.
  • Turning bad video product reviews into a positive while acquiring more customers at the same time.


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