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Quality ecommerce copy and product descriptions can increase ecommerce conversion rates anywhere from 30% to 100%. Writing subpar copy for your website is the equivalent of hiring a subpar, unqualified sales staff for a brick and mortar shop, and sales will suffer.

Joanna Wiebe is a co-founder and copywriter at Copyhackers, a company that helps you use copy to boost your conversions while enhancing your brand, even if you don’t like writing or you’re scared of the blank white page.

She’s been copywriting since 2004, and her 10 years of experience includes time as an agency and in-house copywriter, including time at companies like Intuit and Conversion Rate Experts.

Her work is often featured on some of the absolute best online marketing websites like KISSmetrics, Copyblogger, Unbounce, and ConversionXL.

Joanna promises to help you write more persuasive, believable and usable copy… sans pixie dust… so you can boost your website & email conversion rate.


Key Takeaways from the Show

  • How to sell a lot more using better ecommerce copy on your site
  • Swiping copy from your customers to write faster and better copy
  • When you know it's time to deploy or destroy your ecommerce copy
  • The unique value proposition blueprint
  • Finding the best copywriter for your business

Links / Resources

Copyhackers Website

Joanna's Twitter

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