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Overachievers typically work just as much and just as hard as super-achievers but, unfortunately, they usually achieve much less.

The question is, do you know the single element that separates you from the other?

Last week's guest, Taylor Pearson, is someone we consider a super-achiever and he knows what it takes become one.

After reading 188 books on entrepreneurship he was able to identify the one single element that separates the best from the rest, and he's explained what that single element is, why it's mandatory, and the simple two-step process to mastering it.

This episode is a reading of his blog post.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • The single element to becoming a super-achiever
  • Understanding and implementing The Buffet Principle
  • How to micro the macro (and what that means, exactly)
  • The simple 2-step process the most effective individuals use to become super-achievers
  • The difference between FOMO and JOMO and which one you should be

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