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Joanna Weibe105: What Famous Copywriters Don't Want You To Know About Writing Copy

Most high-paid copywriters don’t want you to believe you can write copy that sells. Not Joanna Wiebe.


Joanna is a 2 time guest of the podcast and the co-founder and copywriter at Copyhackers, a company that helps you use copy to to boost your conversions while enhancing your brand, even if you don’t like writing or you’re scared of the blank white page.

She’s also currently building a company called Airstory which is a note taking app designed to help you write copy 3x faster.

Today you’re going to learn why you are most likely the best person to write your own copy.

Key Takeaways from the Show

  • Why it’s important write copy for 20% to 35% of your visitors, not 100% of them.
  • What a “Competitor Content Audit” is and how you can use it to make more sales
  • What a Value Proposition Table is and how you can build one for yourself
  • The two sides of crafting a stellar message, and how to uncover pain points.

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