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Today’s episode was inspired by a conversation with a colleague about building audiences and stockpiling potential customers for use in Q4.

Last year, he said he put $10,000 into audience and list building for Q4. He expected he would be able to use those audiences but he had no idea when or the return on ad spend he would get.

He believed if he brought people in, told the brand story and got them in his remarketing and email lists, he'd be able to earn back his investment. Off of that $10,000 investment he made almost $150,000 and basically spent all his Q4 ad spend just retargeting those lists. Didn't do any prospecting.

This is important because right now is the time you should be thinking about your Q4 strategy. This is the time when the people who are going to have their most success through the holidays are starting their prep. And that's what this episode is going to be about.


Episode Highlights

  • 8:00 How running engagement ads with the intent of being "social" will help you build an audience you can re-target and warm up over time.
  • 11:00 Why lead generation ads are a great way to learn about your customer while building a more qualified audience for Q4.
  • 13:45 How providing value through Messenger ads could lead to a huge with in Q4 this year.
  • 15:17 The importance of using the "view content" objective in a Facebook conversion ad as you ramp up to Q4.
  • 17:00 Why now is the best time to work on dialing in your lead capture and how a quiz funnel may be the way to go.
  • 18:13 The number 1 thing you can do to ensure you have a stellar Q4.
  • 20:40 For those who are managing accounts or reporting results to others, here's how to set the expectation for Q4.
  • 22:16 Not sure where to start for Q4? This is what you should be doing right now.

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