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Happy fall. Happy Q4. Andrew and I love this time of year. It's when so many of the companies we advise make the majority of their revenue. A lot of you that are listening know how high the stakes are.

It looks like things are, as we predicted, even more competitive than last year. But so far, things are going good. We're getting ready for the big show here so we decided to bring in the big guns. Today we’ve brought back Justin Marshall from Adhoc Media to talk about how he’s getting his clients ready for the holidays.

Justin is a 2x guest. His first episode was one of our all-time most downloaded and this one doesn’t disappoint. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights

  • 6:10 How Justin explains the phases of Q4 to his clients.
  • 7:43 Why you shouldn't just be pushing traffic to your site without a focus on conversions.
  • 10:11 The offers you should be considering through the holiday season.
  • 14:30 Not sure what creative you should be using? Checkout what's working best for Adhoc Media and their clients.
  • 18:36 Why you should be driving your traffic to these landing pages for Q4.
  • 21:00 How to make sure your ads are seen during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush.
  • 27:56 How to Optimize your ads for peak performance during Black Friday/Cyber monday.
  • 36:22 When you should be notifying your fans of the holiday deals to get them ready to shop with you.

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