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A few weeks ago Andrew shared his five-step process for optimizing your Facebook ad account.

In part one of this two-part episode, Andrew takes a more tactical approach and shares 10 questions he asks when auditing clients’ Facebook accounts to see whether they’re running things in the best way possible.

After auditing more than 200 Facebook accounts last year, Andrew has seen accounts that are killing it and those that have a lot of room for improvement. Whether you’re on one end of the spectrum or the other, these questions will help you identify changes you can make to improve what you’re doing on Facebook.

Stay tuned later this week for part two of this episode, where Andrew will share the additional 10 questions to ask when auditing your Facebook account. Enjoy!

Episode Highlights:

  • 8:06 Question #1: Is user-generated content integrated somewhere in the creative?
  • 9:16 Question #2: Are you utilizing reviews in your copy?
  • 10:53 Question #3: Are you utilizing square video link posts?
  • 12:39  Question #4: Is your product at least 40% to 50% of your ad image?
  • 14:20 Question #5: Are there unanswered comments or questions on your ad??
  • 18:26 Question #6: Is there a discount integrated at some point in the funnel?
  • 19:56 Question #7: If you have an ad set that you stopped running because it died, have you tried duplicating it and running it at a lower budget to give it new life?
  • 21:13  Question #8: Have you introduced new prospecting audiences based on dynamic pixel actions?
  • 23:07 Question #9: Are you trying broad match dynamic product ads layered with interests?
  • 24:03 Question #10: Have you split you dynamic product ad time windows, separating the adds to cart and the view content?
  • 25:07 How long it typically takes for Andrew to audit an account and the process he goes through.
  • 26:23 The most common mistakes Andrew sees when he’s reviewing Facebook ad accounts

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