The Ecommerce Influence Podcast

Quizzes are powerful tools used by some of the most successful companies I work with.

They can help you capture more emails, display personalized product recommendations to your customers, and increase your conversion rate. In today's episode, I'll share my tips on what companies can see the biggest gains from a quiz, who is killing it right now with their quiz funnels, and how you can build one for your business today.


Episode Highlights:

  • 5:46 Why the most successful companies Austin works with use quiz funnels.
  • 6:47 The company or product type that’s a perfect fit for a quiz funnel.
  • 8:13 If you have a lot of organic traffic, here’s an example of how a quiz funnel can turn visitors into subscribers.
  • 10:44 The companies quiz funnels don't necessarily work well for.
  • 12:51 Two examples of companies that are successfully using a quiz funnel.
  • 15:31 What sets successful quizzes apart.
  • 16:17 Figuring out the right questions to ask.
  • 19:10 How to create your first quiz.
  • 21:31 Austin’s recommended quiz building tools.

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