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The Golden Era of the direct-to-consumer business may very well be over.

But there are still ecommerce brands out there who are crushing it and in today’s episode we explore some of the reasons why.

Former Shopify Plus blog editor Aaron Orendorff has written a ton about ecommerce and the direct-to-consumer craze.

Today we have a thoughtful conversation about what it means to build a ecommerce brand in the current climate, what some fast-growing, successful companies are doing to show up in a more unique way, and how a bigger picture process around customer acquisition is helping them succeed.


Episode Highlights

  • 7:00 Introducing Aaron Orendorff and his two distinct professional lives.
  • 10:26 Aaron’s transition from Seminary to Shopify Plus.
  • 16:03 Why the Golden Era of direct-to-consumer is over.
  • 18:26 How do small ecommerce brands with limited products succeed at shifting categories to scale up?
  • 24:18 Engineering AOV from the start to the end of your sales funnel.
  • 28:58 Good loyalty program tactics.
  • 29:59 The three ingredients to a successful loyalty program.
  • 33:37 Some companies who are killing it with their rewards programs.
  • 37:23 Why it’s better to drive paid media to content rather than your product page.
  • 41:52 SEO as part of the long game for the success of your ecommerce it right for everyone?
  • 44:13 Which brands should invest in content and which ones shouldn't.
  • 48:58 You can’t build a brand around itself, you build it around your community.

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