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If you can sell water online, you can sell anything.

Today’s guest, who has been managing social strategy in the direct-to-consumer space since he was 15 years old, helped Hint water make a killing when he was their Director of DTC business.

Recently featured on Forbes 2019 list of 30 under 30, Nik Sharma is an expert at DTC marketing.

We chat with Nik about what he’s invested in now, his thoughts on building a brand, and his insightful tips on how to write scroll-stopping ad copy.

The DTC space continues to evolve and Nik is at the forefront. I know you’ll learn a lot during this episode just like we did.


Episode Highlights

  • 6:51 Nik’s fascinating career journey, starting at age 15.
  • 9:07 How Nik successfully managed to sell water online with Hint.
  • 12:14 The role of storytelling and the willingness to test new ideas in Hint’s marketing success.
  • 14:50 The company structure that allowed Nik to accelerate Hint’s growth.
  • 16:55 Changes Nik has seen within the direct-to-consumer space and the three things right now that are driving revenue.
  • 22:06 How to evaluate whether you’re copy is going to be scroll-stopping.
  • 26:34 Haus’ unique offering that made them so appealing for Nik to invest in.
  • 31:07 Components of building a strong community as a brand.
  • 35:33 Where Nik would start if he built his own brand today.
  • 38:28 The important data to evaluate before investing in a company and the tech stack Nik recommends to access it.

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