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If you’ve been wondering how to improve your Facebook ad creative, you’re not alone.

Great Facebook ad creative really sets successful brands apart. But, there’s not a lot of information out there about the fundamentals of building a system to generate ongoing creative and how to test whether it’s actually working.

So today we’re breaking it down for you. We talk about how to approach creative if you’re spending $5000 a week or $100,000, the questions to ask before you start testing, what’s working right now in terms of creative sizing, and some new tools you must start using.


Episode Highlights

  • 5:48 The amount of Facebook ad creative you need to be testing, and why it’s easier to create content now than ever before.
  • 8:16 Clarifying the correlation between how much you can test and your overall budget.
  • 9:28 A quick and simple way to pull together UGC and create an ad.
  • 13:18 The most common issue businesses run into with putting together new creative.
  • 15:22 A system for new creative development that will scale up, whether you’re spending $5K a month or $50K a month.
  • 17:21 How often you should be putting new content into your funnel.
  • 18:26 The frequency to look for that signals it’s time to update your Facebook ad creative.
  • 20:06 What’s working with ad sizing right now and the new tools you need to know about.
  • 24:54 The first question to ask yourself before you start testing your ads.
  • 27:32 A step-by-step process for testing your creative and what to look for to determine success.
  • 29:35 How much money to put behind your creative testing.
  • 30:28 Which audiences to test your ads on.
  • 31:39 Dynamic Creative Testing and why Andrew believes this is the most efficient way to test your ads.

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